Our Mission

Enabling group AR experiences in high quality by centralized processing and resource sharing

What do we offer?

Our products

OS Pinocchio 2.0

A system (patent pending) of control and synchronization of AR content for multiple users – connected to professional show operator tools



Developers SDK

Our SDK includes tools for creating a group AR experience, allowing you to set up cues, interactions and timelines.

EdgeAR platform

(1st generation) – Centralized AR rendering platform for multiple users, enhanced by machine learning, upgrading any low end devices to high end viewing devices

The opportunity


The popularity of augmented reality and virtual reality experiences is spiking daily, appealing especially for youth and teens (“Generation Z” and “Millennials”).

We are the first and only in the world able to provide shared quality AR group experience.

AR is a growing field but the end devices have a hard time to process the heavyweight 3d content. Our AR streaming abilities fit right in. With the deployment of 5G and edge computing it will legitimate our technology even further, moving from indoor venues to any household and soon to hit the streets.




Main Features

Experience together

By using one “user friendly” operating system you can sync your content to an unlimited number of devices, providing a one of a kind Group Experience.


The first system in the world to offer the multi-users shared “Mixed Reality” experience. The combination of AR and interaction with live actors will strike your audience with awe.

Upgrade any device

Our centralized processing and AR streaming abilities can upgrade any mobile device to a quality AR viewing device, so your audience will enjoy the same quality content.

Dreams ARe Reality

ARShow developed the perfect platform for you to animate your dreams and make them a reality in a real live revolutionary show!


See us on BBC Click

Actors: Daniel Chernish & Ruth Sanderovich

What do We Offer?

Help, support and deliver the tools needed to create and operate your own AR experience

From small classrooms to large arenas, we help deliver and install the hardware needed to support the experience.

Need help with the content? We already built a community of developers, animators and artists that can work with you on your projects. Just talk to us

About Us


First in the world to develop a platform supporting AR shared group experiences.

Enabling collective AR experience by streaming AR content. We developed a system that allows audiences to experience Mixed Reality together.

Our team has vast experience in live show productions, video streaming and new technologies.

For: Home Entertainment, Gaming, Education, Live shows, Tourism, Corporate Events and more…

Recent News

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First in the world to develop a platform supporting AR shared group experience with vast experience in live show productions, video streaming and new technologies.
  • Sasha Kreindlin


    Award-winning producer and director, a multimedia expert with 15 years of experience in providing multimedia solutions for large-scale live shows.

  • Prof. Simon Litsyn

    Technology Guru

    World-renown expert in electronics and computer science, a senior professor in the Faculty of Engineering of Tel-Aviv University and the inventor of over 60 registered patents.

  • Isaac Barel


    Creative Director, developer and UX expert with 20 years of experience
    Creator of amazing digital products that intuitively interact with human behaviors

  • Dr. Elena Litsyn

    Algorithm specialist

    Professional mathematician specializing in mathematical models and functional-differential equations, co-founded “Galapromter”, a company providing accessibility and translations for theaters around the world

  • Daniel Chernish

    Acting advisory

    Daniel Chernish is an actor of the Gesher Theater and an international movie actor who made an invaluable contribution to the development of our AR technology. The first actor in the world who interacted with the AR characters on stage performed all the tests and played in all our performances for our AR product. Presented the play Guliver for BBC Click Special Christmas 2018.

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a very persistent one.

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